A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

. . . Once upon a time
There lived The Gray Wolf and The Little Lamb
One was infamously cruel while the other had a heart of gold
They both egotistically believed they could teach one another a life lesson
. . . but maybe they could become friends in the end?

This game features:
* 4 endings
* approximately 12k words
* 9 backgrounds, 5 of which are interactive
* approximately 10 CGs (depends on whether you count silhouettes)
* limited vocabulary (i'm not a native speaker and frankly i don't enjoy writing in general)

mossinasi, writing, coding, art
EX_1XX94C, background collaboration artist 
peritune, composer of royalty free music
Zero Rabb, proofreading and editing (currently WIP)

If you get lost - the "exit" and "enter" buttons usually advance the plot further;

Hint: "looking" at things is always free, but running around or talking are sometimes "points of no return". Of course, if you feel like you missed something, you can always roll back or reload. 

Endings hint: There are nine choices in total, which give you different points.

Thank you so much if you play this! Hope you enjoy it.
Please message me if there are any mistakes grammar-wise or similar .


TheGrayWolfandtheLittleLamb-1.0-pc.zip 243 MB
com.game.tgwtll-100-universal-debug.apk 232 MB
TheGrayWolfandtheLittleLamb-1.0-mac.zip 209 MB

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Beauuuutiful artwork!  I really, really dig the compound words, too, like "everhungry"~~

I haven't seen a game with quite this style of interface before; I really like it, and appreciated the way things are highlighted.  But I did manage to get stuck on both routes.  ^_^U

Good work, and good luck as you keep working on it!


Tysm! I'm glad you love both artstyle and word choice ah! I wish i could write more fun oldish texts with all the "thus"es "thee"s etc but it's difficult...

Yeeah i know i need to highlight screen exits ha ha I'm grateful that you pushed forward and played despite being stuck! 

Hi! I played through the game and enjoyed what I've seen so far!

I enjoy the little nods and twists on fairy tales shown, and am curious in what direction the game goes!

Oooh tysm! there will be lil refs to other fairytale tropes in general, but not much; Hope I won't disappoint you in the end!