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Even when we try not to, we still subconsciously projects our lame feelings through our mediocre fiction so let’s just drop the act right here right now; 

Let me get personal! Like, really personal, let me embarrass myself right in front of you; 

Breaking 4th wall in VNs is so olde - like, everybody’ve already made their own DDLC and everybody knows DDLC didn’t even invent the idea.

Hey, I am somewhat interesting, right? I get self-deprecating, so I’m fun and smart, right? I’m artsy and trendy, right? My drawings are pretty, right? I’m a hidden diamond, right?~

So you’d totally sacrifice me some of your time, right? So you’d lend your hands, right? I mean, you’d write something for me, right? Hey, maybe I can borrow your back for a moment? Hey, how about this, maybe I can have your legs, mine are so tired? 

This whole yandere thing is sooo cringe, I know, but I don’t mean it in a literal way, so it’s fine, right

Ugh, really, you can handle listening to someone’s personal baggage for so long just cause they participated in yurijam twice or something? Gross... Guess you don’t have a heart, huh?

Ah, but as I said before — give yourself to me, (I don’t really need you to, of course) and maybe I’d offer you my heart instead? How does this sound? Hey, lmao, do you enjoy it when people speak to you in questions instead of normal statements? 

Why would I ever do such a thing? But why, of course, because I’m a greedy Archfey; I don’t need my heart anyway, it’s such a pain… 

You know what, I changed my mind, don’t bother. I don’t need your arms and your legs and your head, just give them to my Guardians or Priestesses or whatever they call themselves nowadays. Please them, and then maybe, just maybe, I’d recall my offer next time we meet.

If you really are so heartless you can download this .zip or .rar or whatever it was archived as

It’s very straightforward and approximately 5k words short and has slightly different offering outcomes but they all lead to the same one ending; couple of dead-ends are present in case you mess up

And by the way, this whole thing was made by mossinasi who used Ren'Py engine and PeriTune's music


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Oh man, this caught me by surprise. Absolutely brilliant, I adore how you play with the metaphors here and the punchline about love it all led to. It's been a while since a short story resonated with me on this level, really good job. And I liked the visual style too. ^^


I can appreciate the personal, casual tone, I don't think I've read anything like this before. And you seem to have a degree of understanding of fairytales and mythology which you casually discard in favour of gay, it's charming.

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wow this is like totally messed up and I love it

the art mmm yes the characters mmm yes the story?? mmm YESS


I loved the drawings! And felt the story. I so much agree with creator's idea of love. 

Thanks for that kind approach, that when you get a true ending, the "bad" ones are get explained. 


this description is so vague and i know almost nothing of the game. that is exaclty why im gonna play it.


The approach to 4th-wall break is very different from games such as DDLC. They would frame it as a plot twist, here it’s a fixture of the story, brought up very early on and very casually. They would attempt to “bridge” the real world with their fictional world, here it completely shifts the focus away from the fiction, and wholely redirects it onto the reader. Don’t get attached to this world, the world is not what matters here, it’s just a device to speak about ourselves. The writting’s not being subtle about it, but I think this kind of raw “honnesty” is what gives it its impact and its charm.


Thank you so much! 
I'm glad that you also experienced my game this way <3 


That was certainly a... novel experience.


You know, most people tend to use ironic self-awareness as a defense against the mundane and the cliche, but what many irony lovers struggle to understand is that irony for the sake of irony starts to resemble its own cliche after a while.

Sometimes, stories are allowed to just be stories... and the 'point' of a self-aware story is only as meaningful as the viewer thinks it is. Undertale and other narratives like it had that problem as well.

I can appreciate the naga's honesty, at the very least.


Ah, a marble statue with its' fig leaf removed - there used to be a mystery behind it, but now? Just a sight a little uncomfortable to look at.
But somehow this sight still fills you with determination.

That's one way of looking at it, yeah.

Most of the other people in the room would just brush it off as 'cringe' and make a few sarcastic jokes about Tumblr.

And if you don't fit in with either category, then what's really left?

It would be nice to live a life free from burdened fear, to not have to constantly question and doubt what lies behind the wide smiles and cheeky winks.


Absolutley love the art style and whole setting. The only thing that messed with the athmosphere a little bit were the 'breaks through the 4th wall', but thats just nit picking.
Will definetly recommend this one to some friends. <3



I played this and tgwtll and enjoyed both. Your writing style is unique and your art is really lovely, everything coming together for a memorable experience. Going to be thinking about these games, thank you for making them :)

Omg, tysm! I'm really glad that my style in general can resonate with someone, haha
I hope you won't be disappointed in my future works as well!


It's that kind of experience where it feels like you understand what's going on, but you're just "'projecting" your own meaning on the dialogues. Is it intentionnal ? Is there a true "meaning" to it ? 

I'm very curious, maybe I'll do another playthrough, but the experience was clearly enjoyable. The artstyle is gorgeous, the writing felt uneven at times but that clearly didn't spoil the experience :) 

Thanks for this VN ! 


I'm very glad you can project your own meaning! It is very intentional, I wasn't sure if it was successful though~
For me personally there are at least two very different interpretations; I can't tell whether one of them is less "true" than the other;
Also I believe that any other interpretation is just as true, but it's really neat if you can decipher either onw of my own meanings!

Thank you very much for playing and enjoying my sacrifice <3


Amazing game overall, only nit-picking  is that some of the dialog could've used a re-editing from a pro since tha cryptic tone you used can easily backfire, whereas the more straightforward parts like the scenes with the archfey are generally more effective in their narration.

Also, the 4th wall breaks, they're such a small part of the game you almost forget they're there but in the moment they definitely break the mood without really adding much to the experience, the only exception being the very last one in the finale. 

Last but not least if you take into consideration anything from this comment for the love of god please add a gallery mode. your illustrations are simply gorgeous and definitely a highlight of the whole game. Your artstyle is just inspiring as a learning artist and it deserves to be appreciated on its own. 

Don't have much else to say, regardless of any criticism I might have to give it's a splendid little gem of a game,  10/10, all round immaculate vibes. Seriously, you should be proud of your work.

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haha, thanks! 

I decided I'd rather not collaborate with editors in the future, idunno, if something is wrong - I'd prefer to let it be so, if something can be misinterpreted - just read it however you like. 

I'm not sure about the gallery, i know how to code it, but i don't want to ruin the simplicity of the game itself... But the game is not archived so you can easily access all the images in game/images folder! 

Also i guess eventually I'll upload them to tumblr and twitter

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PS: Ah, by the way, you critique is totally reasonable, valid, sensible and good. Thank you for speaking up! But since I'm a lazy developer and not going to work on any of those issues - the least I can do is explain myself. Peace!


fair, glad to see they were deliberate choices


I am absolutely obsessed with this game!! The visuals,, the story,, the characters and just everything is so amazing!! I've genuinely never seen a game like this before, it was such a nice turn of events from the visual novels I'm used to playing!! Thank you for making this game, it's truly incredible! <3  

Thank you!


this is absolutely wonderful; the art, the story, the character, and just the overall vibes are incredible!! I also love the mermaid's humor. I haven't been so interested in a game in a while and I can't wait to discover the different paths and dialogue. I don't usually comment stuff either;; but I just wanted to bring light on the subject of how truly magnificent your game is. Thank you for this beautiful game.

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Ah, tysm!

I have to say, there isn't really much dialogue diversity... I wasn't expecting anyone to like it so much they'd replay it, haha 

If you're okay with spoilers, then 

I guess that never offering anything can lead to a couple of new and different text lines... Also if you chose one of the the guardians as your "favourite denizen" in naga's survey she'd get an extra line in the forth run... But that's about it!

Feel free to read the script.rpy file in game folder as well, if you have any code editing apps installed, it'd be way faster to skim through all the optional lines!


i loved this so much, the art is wonderful and the 4th wall breaking was honestly rly funny! the archfey is so pretty <3

Thank you!


gorgeous; touching in its self-conscious contradictions, effective in its small use of space; a wonderful little experience


Thank you!


this was so wonderful!! i loved the writing. it was both pretty and goofy at times, love it. also the centaur and naga are so cute <3 be still my woman loving heart. i also lovedddd the art!! it gave this fairytale vibe with the colors and the brush you used. overall, very lovely



i really enjoyed this. i enjoyed mermaids fishy stories and the archfey being a moody little thing. such a cute read. your art and writing are both so enthralling

Thank you!


10/10 in vague department now follow my ao3 please

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jesus christ why do you have an ao3 profile

cause, like, duh, reasons... who doesn't... also can we not chat in my new cool game's comment section...((


no no i actually stopped by just to say how your cool new game kicked me in the gut while simultaneously burning my home and deleting all word copies of my thesis and then left me dying helpless and exposed on the brightly lit street because it's been a whole day and i still feel semi-unconsious like i had a massive cardiac arrest so

thank you 


ah, sounds like a splendid experience! 
(please do find your thesis oasis, though...)
but really thanks, i'm glad you liked it this much uwu